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One of the first decisions required when choosing to install a fence is determining which material to use.

The choices are plentiful and varied; this selection process can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.

Allow our knowledge to help you come to an informed decision!

The applications of fencing can be residential or commercial in nature. Enclosures are required for livestock, providing privacy to yards, preventing unauthorized access to premises and a host of further uses.

As these options vary, wood may no longer appear to be a suitable material selection. A robust alternative to wood is vinyl fencing.

This strong material has a higher upfront installation cost than wood, however the life expectancy is longer, with minimal maintenance required to keep it in good condition.

Unlike wood, vinyl does not require paint or stain for protection. It is manufactured in a range of different colors to suit your preference. An additional benefit of this feature is that minimal time is spent maintaining the material after installation.

This is an important point to consider when comparing the pricing of vinyl against competing alternatives. Vinyl also lends itself well to a diverse range of design styles, allowing for a more contemporary or modern feel if the natural ambiance of wood is not to your liking.

We recognize that your interests are unique, that is why our range includes variety in color and style. We offer vinyl for picket and privacy fences; no matter your need, we can certainly help. Our professional customer service team and onsite contractors are available to answer your queries on our product range and installation process.

The most beneficial trait of vinyl is its resistance to weathering, as it is not susceptible to rot in damp conditions. This can be a useful consideration in wetter climates. Moreover, the downside of discoloration over time is less prominent in vinyl.

A distinct advantage of this material can be found in its strength, necessitating fewer repairs or replacement over time. While damage can arise to wooden panels following strong gusts of wind, vinyl is less vulnerable to the negative consequences of extreme weather conditions.

This should come to the attention of business owners in need of fencing in outdoor terrain with exposure to the elements, for example on golf courses or holiday resorts near the coast.

The manufacturing process of vinyl fencing is precise and can be made to custom specifications in colors that suit all themes. This yields fewer imperfections in the finished look, giving it a sophisticated appearance to match the modern home or business.

Without experience, the installation of vinyl barriers can be cumbersome and costly if performed incorrectly. Thankfully, our friendly contractors are on hand to help make your purchase a smooth and pleasant journey.

Our team is trained to provide advice on your design and color options and to answers any questions that you may have about the installation phase. Allow our insight to put your mind at ease; get in touch today for more details on our full range!

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