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When looking to purchase a new fence, it is important to be aware of the main types available. Dividing these categories broadly by material, we stock wood, vinyl, and aluminum fencing in a range of different colors and design styles. 

These each have different characteristics which may be better suited to residential or commercial applications. You can read more about these differences in detail on our website, where we explain the specific benefits of each type on dedicated web pages.

In regards to pricing, the main points of consideration are the material cost, installation fees and the upkeep costs over time (including the cost of future damage repair and replacement).

Wood panels are a dependable choice for homeowners on a budget due to their low installation fees, however the upkeep fees are considerably higher than the alternatives available.

Wood is susceptible to rot, deterioration, discoloration and damage due to weathering. Although these can be prevented through the regular application of sealants, wood stain, paint and varnish, they all factor into the higher upkeep cost in the long run.

Additionally, the time required for this increased maintenance is an important component to keep in mind when comparing materials.

Vinyl and aluminum are both renowned for their durability and resilience to weathering. The manufacturing process for each ensures that they do not suffer from the adverse effects of rot, rust or color fading over time. This is a very useful attribute of both materials, especially in wetter climates. 

As such, the installation pricing point for each is higher than for wood fencing, however the time and cost commitment for upkeep over time is negligible. The strength of these alternatives makes them well suited to commercial use or residential use where the homeowner has little time available for ongoing maintenance.

Of course, we realize that cost is not the only factor in play when making your decision. Residential buyers are usually more interested in the style and setting of the fencing, as opposed to the practical features of enclosure and security which appeal more to commercial buyers.

For the most natural ambiance, wood panels are able to provide shade and privacy without attracting attention. This can be a welcome prospect when used to discreetly mark land boundaries in a homeowner’s yard.

Commercial buyers might like to consider the practical advantages of vinyl and aluminum barriers over wood. Their robust nature makes them ideal materials to cordon off areas in public spaces, for example when used to enclose playgrounds and park play areas.

As they require significantly less maintenance than wooden fencing, they can be established and left for extensive periods of time without requiring repairs or replacement.

There are numerous points to consider, some of which we have detailed above, when deciding on the appropriate type of fence for your property or project. We would always recommend getting an expert opinion from one of our contractors before making your final decision.

Our workers have years of experience dealing with residential and commercial fencing projects, so you can rest assured that we will find the right one for you!

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