Fence Installation

Once you have selected your desired fence material, type and design, our expert contractors can ensure a professional fence installation.

Our team has gained insight into the most efficient industry practices, backed by training and experience, we guarantee the highest standards in all our residential and commercial projects.

We begin the process by arranging an onsite visit, where you can consult with our contractors and ask any questions that you may have about the installation. The next phase is provided by our trusted supply chain, where we will source your fencing and deliver it to your premises.

Once the resources are ready on site, we will survey the landscape and architecture of surrounding features in order to plan the best approach for installation.

Foundations are then dug and a base is established, before erecting your chosen fence. Any finishing elements are then applied – such as sealant, paint and varnish for wood fencing – before completion of the project.

All costs for the project will be arranged and confirmed with you before any installation takes place. We believe in a transparent and clear approach to communication with our loyal customers. We rely on your positive reviews and generous word of mouth to spread the news of our services. That is why we walk step by step alongside you throughout the entire process. We deliver quality workmanship and guidance. On time. On budget. That is our promise to you.

It is widely accepted that a good quality installation can add value to your property. Not only does the fence style add a touch of class and professionalism to your outdoor space, it also sets the backdrop for your garden landscape. We offer a range of different fence types – wood, vinyl, aluminum, privacy and chain link – each with their own distinctive design and color options.

It is our aim that our product range and integrated service offering can combine to give you a sense of control and flexibility throughout the installation. This comfort will give you peace of mind that your job is being performed by industry professionals.

Unlike many competitors, we like to go the extra distance to provide you with customer satisfaction. That is why we offer additional services that complement our installation phase. We have a dedicated customer care team who are always happy to answer your inquiries completely free of charge.

 The aftercare component of maintaining your new fence in good condition is essential to making it last its expected lifespan. We offer advice on how best to maintain your fence on our website, with dedicated web pages that will always keep you in touch with our insight long after our onsite contractors complete the installation.

If you notice any imperfections in the time period shortly after installation, please contact our customer care team to arrange a second onsite visit. We will do all that we can to ensure a speedy resolution to any issues that may arise.

In the years following the installation phase, minor signs of damage may appear on your fence. Please see our dedicated web page for common signs that your fence may need repair work. If you have opted for a wood fence, the upkeep requirements are more time-intensive that the synthetic alternative materials.

The fence will need to be protected from wet weather conditions in order to prevent the onset of rot. Sealants and varnish should be applied generously at regular intervals throughout the year if you wish to keep your fence in top condition. Similarly, wood stain can be applied to the fence as a correction to natural discoloration which may appear over time. Diligent care for your fence will reduce the need for repair work, saving you time and money.

With the backing of our professional installation, your fence could last for decades. However, when the time comes for repair work to damaged sections, do not forget to get in touch. Our familiarity with the fence models ensures that we will restore your fence back to looking like new and our strong supply chain connections can source your replacement parts quicker than many competitors. Trust our team to install your fencing and you will not be disappointed with the results!


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