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Our Fence Repair, Replacement and Installation Services

The installation phase itself is planned by our skilled contractors to run smoothly to completion in one visit. All resources required for the construction will be delivered to your address ahead of time, with the costs and an appointment date confirmed with you in advanced. We recognize that you may be busy with other commitments, that is why we allow you to schedule an installation date that suits you. Rest assured that one of our customer care agents will communicate all the necessary information with you before our crew members arrive on site. We aim to makeĀ the fence installation as convenient for you as possible.

Our crew will begin by surveying the landscape and architecture on site, which may have already been completed in a prior visit. Once a detailed plan of action is in place, our team will dig the foundations and establish a solid base for your fencing. Your selection will then be erected to your custom specifications, dimensions and color.

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Where necessary, our team will also apply a protective finish to your fence in order to help it withstand the negative effects of weathering and discoloration that set in over time. It is important to consider the areas of shade, prevailing wind direction, exposure to sunlight and view from your home during the planning stage before the fence is installed orĀ repairedĀ if necessary.

Our team will suggest alterations to the fence dimensions if they feel that any of these points may create issues once the fence is established. A detailed plan is essential before execution as these problems are much harder to deal with once the construction is underway. It is contributions like these which can be easily missed in a DIY job but you can rest assured that our professional contractors will put a detailed plan in place, consulting with you along the way, to ensure an efficient installment is carried out.

Following installation of your new fence, attention should turn to upkeep and maintenance requirements which will enhance its lifespan. Wood is particularly vulnerable to adverse weather conditions if left untreated. (Learn more on ourĀ fence replacementĀ page).

In order to prevent damp conditions from causing warping, splitting and rot, you should consider the regular application of varnish to your finished perimeter. Discoloration with age can also be resolved by applying a fresh coat of paint. One of the lasting benefits of vinyl, aluminum and chain link is their resilience to wet conditions.

Process For Installing a Vinyl Privacy Fence

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