Wood Fencing

One of the first decisions required when choosing to install a fence is determining which material to use. The choices are plentiful and varied; this selection process can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. Allow our knowledge to help you come to an informed decision!

The benefits of wood over competing materials has historically made it a traditional choice for fences with a classic style. This cost-effective material provides the security and privacy that all homeowners desire, with the additional bonus of maintaining a natural look.

If you wish to select a fence material that is durable, easy to manage and able to withstand the effects of weathering over extensive time periods, then look no further.

Wood is a lightweight and reliable substance, providing solid structure, ease of design and a fast installation process by our contractors. As with all materials, the longevity of wood fences can be enhanced through proper maintenance and through the application of a good-quality wood stain and varnish.

Wood stain is able to ward off the natural discoloration caused by weathering, while varnish provides additional protection from the onset of rot. If both are applied at regular intervals, wood fences are able to last for decades with limited need for repair or replacement. 

This is a suitable choice for homeowners and businesses looking for a dependable product, value for money and a convenient installation process.

Once you have decided that a wood fence is the correct choice for your home or business, it is important to ensure that the installation is managed professionally. Our contractors are trained to guide your choice, from questions relating to the design and style (such as the color and type of wood to suit your preference) to more practical concerns regarding installation, maintenance and future repairs.

Our comprehensive services will simplify your selection from start to finish, offering you an extensive range of options to match your needs.

Our crew understands that you may have concerns regarding the onset of rot or splitting over time as your wooden fence is exposed to damp weather conditions. This is precisely where our experts can put their experience to good use. A professional installation by our team, using our high-quality sourced wooden fencing, ensures that we deliver a product that will last.

We will install a solid foundation below the fence to prevent exposure to damp from the base, while posts and stringers at regular intervals along the fence will prevent the wind from displacing the panels. An ample coating of varnish then provides a polished finished, whilst protecting the slats from the adverse effects of weathering.

Wood offers both practicality and style for residential and commercial applications; from offering a natural finish that complements your outdoor furniture, to providing a solid barrier for commercial enclosures.

Plus, with many softwood and hardwood varieties in light and dark shades to choose from, one can be found to complement all colors. Do not delay, contact us today for more information on our full range of panel designs and installation options.

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