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Privacy is valued by all homeowners and business owners alike. You want to feel comfortable in your own yard without worrying about prying eyes from windows of the surrounding houses.

 Your children should be able to play freely and you should be able to have family meals outside without concerns of who may be watching you. If you can relate to these feelings, then a privacy fence is your best solution.

This fencing is made out of natural wood, built above head height to preserve the peace from those nosy neighbors. You will be able to relax and enjoy the view that is reserved for you and your family.

The additional dimensions of higher panels also help to block out unwanted noise from the outside world, alongside providing more shade and protection from the elements for your plant life. A taller fence can even act as a natural windbreak, adding shelter and security to your property.

As privacy fences are generally made out of hardwood, it is worth reading our handy website article that explores the specific features of using wood as your material of choice when installing these panels.

The most important feature to be aware of when caring for the condition of your enclosure is how to properly maintain the integrity of the wood over time. Wood is vulnerable to weathering and damp conditions, which can see the onset and spread of rot if not repaired appropriately. If left unchecked, entire panels may even need replacing.

In order to prolong the lifespan of your privacy fence, we recommend applying a regular coating of varnish to keep out the damp. Discoloration can be treated by using wood stain that matches your desired shade. Our crew members are approachable and knowledgeable; they can provide insight into which shade to use and direct you on how best to maintain the condition of your fence.

Once you decide that you may like a privacy fence installed, get in touch with our team who can present you with our full range of design styles. Prioritizing security does not mean that you have to compromise on aesthetics. From bold, eye-catching patterns to simplistic, subtle finishes, we have a wide selection for you to browse.

Privacy fences not only serve a residential purpose, they can also be deployed around commercial premises. Many businesses maintain stock at warehouses, where the safety of inventory becomes a pressing concern.

This is an ideal situation to consider establishing this form of protective barrier around the area. The thick wooden slats prevent passers-by from seeing what is stored inside, while the fence’s height can be coupled with additional security features to dissuade unwanted visitors.

If you are looking to enhance your privacy in a residential or commercial setting then contact our team today for more information.

Privacy fences can be a simple and cost-effective means to increase your peace of mind, allowing you to relax in the safety and comfort of your own home or business premises.

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