Chain Link Fencing

If you are looking to secure the perimeter of a property, public space or commercial premises, then chain link fencing is an ideal selection.

Although not considered to be as aesthetically pleasing as alternative materials, this barrier is formed of woven steel wires, interlocked into a diamond formation.

These are commonly seen around the edges of airports and correctional facilities; however, the applications can be very diverse. Playgrounds, schools, industrial zones, construction sites and recreational areas can all employ this material to build an enclosure.

Chain link fencing is widely considered to be a cost-effective option to provide safety on a budget. The material is durable and weather resistant, thanks to the steel being galvanized during the manufacturing process.

This prevents the barrier becoming susceptible to mold, rot or rust – unlike wooden options – and extends the longevity of the product with minimal maintenance requirement.

This is a material that is designed to withstand adverse weather, come rain, snow or wind. Exposure to the elements will not faze this fence which makes it a prime contender when looking to establish a secure border – whether it be to keep people in or out.

Color and design options are limited as this fence is predominantly selected for its practicality over look. Nonetheless, varieties other than the default silver steel may be obtained. If you are interested, please contact our customer service team who will be able to advise you on available color coatings. On the plus side, limited variability makes installation quick and easy for our professional contractors. The height can also be customized, making the boundary harder to climb over for unwanted guests.

A unique benefit of chain link is the ability for sunlight to penetrate through the gaps. Most walls prevent air flow and sunshine from reaching the base area which usually sits in the shade. There are naturally a number of residential uses for this feature, especially for keen gardeners who may use this fencing to surround the backyard and to provide a structure against which plants may grow.

This option combines fast installation with minimal requirement for upkeep once established. If you are looking for a barrier that conforms to a sensible budget, provides security, requires little maintenance and will not be easily damaged with age, then chain link fencing ticks all the boxes. In the rare instance that a section of the fence is damaged, repairs and replacements are implemented without fuss. The affected section can simply be cut and refitted with new chain link by one of our contractors.

The installation of chain link fencing can be complicated, which is why our professional contractors are trained to do the job for you. Our experts will come out onsite to survey the landscape, determining the optimal positioning and dimensions of a barrier to meet your needs. For full details on how the process works, please contact us via our website and one of our advisers will respond promptly to answer any of your questions.

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