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One of the first decisions required when choosing to install a fence is determining which material to use. The choices are plentiful and varied; this selection process can be overwhelming to the uninitiated. Allow our knowledge to help you come to an informed decision!

Another great alternative to wood is found in aluminum fencing. Similar to vinyl, aluminum benefits from its durability and resilience to weathering. Unlike wrought iron, though, aluminum does not suffer from the effects of rust or fading with age. 

During the manufacturing process, the metal is covered with a protective powder paint coating, effectively fusing the covering with the metal underneath. As a result, you can obtain the same advantages of wrought iron or steel fencing at a lower cost and without the downside of rust with which to contend.

With minimal upkeep costs after installation, it is no wonder that aluminum fencing has become such a popular contender amongst our customers. 

Unlike wood panels, which are best installed on a flat surface, aluminum is a more versatile material. The production process allows this material to rack, allowing the structure to bend; in this way, the base lining can follow the landscape, permitting it to even be installed on slopes.

This prevents the appearance of small gaps between the fence and the ground, stopping unwanted wildlife from getting in and stopping domesticated animals from getting out.

A common use of aluminum barriers is to establish a secure confinement area. Some examples include establishing a safe play area for children where parents can be assured of their location or even defining an outdoor area for pets. Alternatively, the same feature can be used to prevent undesirable access from the outside in. For example, an aluminum enclosure can be erected around an outdoor swimming pool in order to keep children at a safe distance when unattended. Meanwhile, a useful commercial application is found around dangerous electrical equipment, where this form of enclosure is used as a safety measure to keep the public away from potential threats for their own good.

The vast array of uses for aluminum fences makes them a prime choice for consideration in residential or commercial settings. As with our entire product range, we offer an attractive selection of colors and designs to meet your needs. Your fencing design can become a bold sign to keep people out, or it can blend seamlessly into the background whilst still serving its protective purpose. Contact us for full details or find more information by browsing our website.

Our contractors are trained to deliver exceptional workmanship. We aim to deliver high customer satisfaction and we do that by putting you in control. Our teams can advise you on suitable material choice and guide you through the installation phase. Our aluminum fencing is available at multiple height dimensions and can be established on flat or inclined surfaces. Combining high durability, weather resistance and versatility, aluminum is an ideal contender as a no-nonsense alternative to wood. This option is certainly worthy of your consideration.

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