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In cases where your existing fence has already been damaged beyond reasonable repair, we would advise that you consider our fence replacement service. It is commonly stated that if more than 20% of the fence sections appear in need of repair, it will often be more economical to replace it entirely.

Naturally, this should be taken as a rule of thumb. No general rule can be as accurate as a proper survey and expert opinion from one of our onsite contractors. If you wish to make an appointment, please get in contact through our website.

From an inspection of your fence, our team will be able to provide a detailed quotation for our repair and replacement services. This will give you a clear idea of the costs involved and allow you to compare options for the most suitable choice.

The decision between repair or replacement is a hot topic. If your fence is heavily deteriorated and dated, it may make sense to purchase and install a new fence.

Although we do offer repair services, if the condition of the perimeter is such that many repair jobs would be required, we will advise that you consider replacing entire sections. There is often a temptation for clients to treat damage with a quick repair job in order to cover up signs of damage.

However, a superficial fix cannot treat the underlying problems of severe rot or rust. As a means to save you money in the long run, such sections of fence should be replaced otherwise the same issues are likely to reoccur in the near future.

While moisture or insect damage can be justifiable reasons to necessitate fence replacement, you may also want to update your fence as a matter of choice rather than requirement. Modern fence designs, such as our privacy fence offering, can be an attractive replacement to old, worn-out fencing. You could update your discolored wooden fence for a vinyl or aluminum alternative, which require significantly less upkeep time to keep them in good condition.

Plus, you can take the opportunity to adjust the dimensions or placement of your perimeter line. Replace a small barrier for our privacy fencing and you will instantly see the benefits of increased seclusion and security in your backyard.

It is important to recognize the first signs of damage that may lead you to need a new fence. For wood, discoloration, splintering and warping are all signs that repair is required at the least. In the more dilapidated cases of warping, the entire slat should be replaced. Meanwhile, owners of a vinyl fence should look for signs of cracking. In such an instance, we would recommend that the cracked panel should be replaced with a new section. Damage to aluminum fencing can often be isolated to individual rails, which can be treated separately by our expert contractors.

If it has been a long time since you purchased your fence, it may simply have outlived its intended lifespan. Replacement parts may no longer be available from the manufacturer or they may be difficult to acquire. As a practical solution, it may be easier to consider replacement in this scenario. Another reason to upgrade your existing fencing is that it may not be fit for purpose.

If your pet is able to escape from an enclosure or the wood panels continually sway in strong winds, then an upgrade in material could bring an element of convenience back into your life. Vinyl, aluminum and chain link varieties are all weather resistant and provide a sturdy structure able to withstand rain, snow and wind.

We offer a large range of fencing for residential and commercial projects. If you are interested in exploring your options, then browse our dedicated web pages that explain the benefits of each fence type and material. Our product range includes wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link and privacy fencing. If you want to find out more about the benefits of these fence varieties, then contact our customer service team or arrange for an onsite survey from our expert contractors.

We will give you clear and honest advice on what needs repairing or replacing. We aim to save you money where we can and deliver quality workmanship on all our projects. For a high standard fence replacement service that you can trust, get in touch today!

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