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We are pleased to offer a comprehensive commercial fence service. In industry, the practical applications of barriers and perimeters for their security function are often more important than their style.

Fencing can be used effectively to create a cordoned off perimeter, thereby preventing unauthorized access to a location for members of the public.

Examples of this include the fencing erected around military bases, power plants, playgrounds, sports arenas and a host of further cases. Alternatively, it can equally be used to contain people or animals to a set location – examples of this are found in correctional facilities for people and in livestock enclosures for animals.

Whatever your requirement, we offer a range of appropriate materials at different pricing points to suit your small or large business needs. If security is your principle concern, then chain link fencing is a reliable means to easily install a barrier over large land areas at a cheaper rate than using wrought iron.

This form of fencing can often be found between border checkpoints, around airports and similar venues that require robust protection from intruders.

The metal is galvanized during the manufacturing process, making it impervious to rust. It is equally resilient to adverse weather conditions – whether it be rain, wind or snow.

Such a dependable option makes this an ideal selection for use in the construction, infrastructure and service sector industries.

Local government and public-sector suppliers may also require our services when constructing perimeters in public spaces. Playgrounds and schools need to offer a safe environment in which to contain children, thereby allowing them to be supervised appropriately as they explore their surroundings.

Public spaces such as parks may also require fencing to provide play areas for children, areas for pets to run around and also as a safety feature around water – e.g. rivers and fountains. While chain link fencing also serves a strong purpose in this function, good alternatives exist in the form of vinyl and aluminum fencing.

Vinyl and aluminum barriers can be deployed in damp conditions with minimal need for maintenance. They too are resistant to bad weather, making them suitable for use in exposed public areas. While the design and color options available for chain link fencing are limited, many more choices exist for vinyl and aluminum.

This may be an additional benefit of these materials if the fence is to be constructed in a public area.

Whatever your intended purpose for constructing a perimeter, our experts are on hand to help your business. Our advisers for commercial fence services can help over the phone, by email or in person by having one of our onsite contractors come to survey your premises.

Our workers have amassed years of experience on small and large construction projects of many varieties. For more information on a portfolio of our past experience and if you would like to request testimonials from our past clients, please contact us via our website. Our team is ready and able to protect your property through our sizable fencing offering!

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