Business owners requiring fencing for commercial applications are likely to view security as a leading priority when selecting their preferred material. Chain link fencing therefore becomes a very interesting prospect.

This is used to form a barrier of woven steel wires, interlocked into a diamond formation. This design lends itself well to providing a secure boundary around compounds and warehouse premises.

As security is the primary concern for this client group, there are limited color and design options available for chain link fencing. Nonetheless, the material is robust and build to last. If you need to protect your warehoused inventory or business premises, we would strongly recommend chain link as a reliable solution.

Once you have determined the most appropriate material for your fencing project, the dimensions and location must be considered. Privacy fencing, made of wood, is specifically build above head height in order to conceal the backyard from prying eyes.

Equally, if you need to secure your business location from intruders, then the height is an important aspect to dissuade unwanted guests from attempting to climb over the enclosure. We have a dedicated team of onsite contractors who will survey your premises’ surroundings before the installation phase. They can use this information to guide the plans for the fence dimensions before the installation process gets underway.


Once you are happy with your fence material, it is time to decide on the color and design style of the fence itself. Depending upon the material that you have selected, the available color ranges may vary. Wood fences are versatile as they can retain their natural appearance by using wood stain, thus changing the shade while still leaving the underlying grain visible.

This look works well with most outdoor furniture and allows the fencing to blend into the background of your garden landscape. Conversely, if you prefer a more vibrant look, wood fences can also be painted to cover the underlying pattern. This flexibility allows the perimeter style to be adjusted to your preference, making it a great choice for more traditional homes or modern apartment complexes.

We also stock many design styles for our vinyl and aluminum fences. For full details, please browse our dedicated web pages or get in contact with our customer services team.

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